Xpert Masking Tape

(1") 24mm x 50m

36 Rolls Per Box

Xpert Masking Tape (1") 24mm x 50m

36 Rolls Per Box

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Product Information

Demon Decorators is a high quality masking tape which has been specifically developed for decorating and painting professionals, guaranteed for air drying only. Saturated semi crepe paper coated with a special cross-linked natural rubber adhesive, which is suitable for both water and solvent based paints.


  • Decorators & Painters

  • Suitable for plaster, wood, metallic and plastic surfaces

  • Easy removal

  • Excellent tape to tape adhesion

  • Solvent and thinner resistant

  • High initial tack

  • Easy tear

  • Excellent conformability

  • Suitable for water and solvent based paints

  • Easy curving

  • Easy application on uneven surfaces

Nominal Values

Backing Impregnated Crepe Paper
Adhesive Solvent-based, Natural Rubber
Tensile Strength MD 85 ± 20 (N/25mm)
TM 5004 by Afera
Elongation at Break MD 8 ± 2 (%)
TM 5004 by Afera
Adhesion to Steel 4 ± 1 (N/25mm)
TM 5001 by Afera
Paper thickness 90 ± 15 (mic)
Total thickness 110 ± 20 (mic)
Application Range Air Dry
Adhesive Color Transparent